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Custom Orthotics

Please find a more detailed description of this service below

The dynamic gait analysis uses FOOTMAX™ technology to determine your foot's movement pattern. If there are serious faults occurring, the physiotherapist can then order a custom made pair of orthotics.

The orthotic is created in a lab at FOOTMAX™. FOOTMAX™ is the official orthotic supplier to the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. You can view their website at for further information


Upon assessment, patients walk across a computerized force plate that accurately measures foot bio-mechanics in a dynamic fashion. This is called dynamic gait analysis (DGA). It allows for the creation of a more accurate orthotic through the creation of a pressure map of the individual's gait. 

The orthotic lifespan is between 1-2 years (depending on patient used), and we recommend being re scanned every 2 years as your gait (the way you walk) is constantly changing.

Please contact the clinic if you have any further questions!