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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a doctor's referral to book a physiotherapy appointment?
    • No.  To book an appointment you do not need a doctor's referral, HOWEVER, in some cases your private insurance may require you have a referral or note so that the service is covered.  Please check your plan prior to starting your therapy
  • Does Manitoba Health Cover my physiotherapy/massage treatments?
    • No.  Manitoba Health does not cover private physiotherapy or massage in Manitoba.
  • Which companies does the clinic direct bill to?
    • Currently we direct bill to the following companies:
      • WCB/MPI
      • Blue Cross
      • Blue Cross Medavie/ National Plans
      • Claims Secure
      • Canada Life (formerly Great West Life)
      • Chambers of Commerce
      • Empire Life
      • Green Shield
      • Industrial Alliance
      • Johnson Insurance
      • Johnston Group Inc.
      • Maximum Benefit
      • Manulife
      • SSQ
      • Sunlife
  • Does MPI or WCB cover my massages that are needed because of the injury?
    • No.  MPI/WCB do not cover massage therapy needed as a result of the injury.
  • Can I pre-pay or start a payment plan for my therapy visits?
    • No.  We do not allow prepayment or payment plans for therapy.  All patient payments will be processed once therapy is received. 
  • Do you have free and accessible parking?
    • Yes.  We have both free and accessible parking with handicap stalls if needed.
  • Are your facilities wheelchair/walker friendly?
    • Yes.  Our clinic and washrooms are easily accessible if you require the use of a wheelchair, walker, cane etc.